“I believe that images are a universal language for representing and communicating experiences, emotions, feelings. For depicting the existential experiences in life such as beauty, truth, intimacy, connection, death, sadness and power.

In my work I explore my own world, my perception and myself: the human condition.
Exploring the personal emotions and experiences and connecting them with the universal…”


Martin Schelstraete (b. 1959) is a visual artist. He lives and works in Amsterdam. He always works from and returns to the theme of man, and his relationship to himself and his environment. In other words, the human condition. He derives inspiration from his daily life, societal developments and interactions he experiences with people and fellow artists.

He has been drawing and painting since childhood. From the age of 10, he received drawing and painting lessons from a painter. After completing his studies, he went to St Niklaas, Belgium, to pursue drawing at the art academy for a period of three years. In 2005, he enrolled at the Wackers Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, from which he graduated in 2011, under the supervision of Sam Drukker.

Since then, he has participated in several exhibitions and his work has been acquired by private collectors. He is currently focusing on new exhibitions and some larger projects.

He is currently combining his experience as an artist and a coach, applying visual arts as a fully-fledged intervention in coaching and facilitation. In order to further develop and research these possibilities, he founded MartinStudio.

He plans to focus on further developing his skills as an artist in the future, seeking to deepen his artistic expression and develop the research of his themes. More specifically, he has set his sights on art residencies and travel opportunities abroad, to take part in exhibitions and meet other fellow artists.